Jeanie Davis

I have always liked to write, whether it be poetry, music, or books. It's a way to express my emotions, and I find it very therapeutic. Having battled with Multiple Sclerosis for over half of my life, writing has been one of those, "When one door closes..." things. It gives me purpose and I'm happy that He always leaves a window cracked open for me.
While writing is definitely more than just a hobby, my family is my greatest passion. I've been blessed with a wonderful husband and four daughters who have been a steady support for me (and my biggest fans).
I don't write in just one genre because, well, that would be boring. My upcoming projects are:
  • I Don't Know Why I Did It (Childrens' Christmas book)--Coming out this fall.
  • Under the Rug (Young adult romance/suspense novel)--Coming out in 2016